Chickpeas (Kabuli/Deshi)

The chickpea or chick pea is an annual legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Its different types are variously known as gram or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, and Egyptian pea. Chickpea seeds are high in protein




Chickpeas have high protein and fiber content. Chickpeas appear in Creamish -Yellow, Black, Green, Brownish Red Colors. In India the two varieties of Chickpeas are termed as Kabuli Chana and Desi chana.
Kabuli Chana/White Chickpeas appears Creamish and is larger in size than Desi Chana. Kabuli chana is generally sold by count & size in millimetres. The amount of Chickpeas kernels in 28.35 grams of a sample is equal to the count. For e.g. if we find 44 Kernels in 28.35 gms of a sample of chickpeas then it’s count is 44. Apart from this chickpeas trade is carried out with sizes ranging from 7-8 MM, 8-10 MM, 10-12 MM.
Desi Chickpeas are brownish red in color and are smaller in size (around 4-7 MM) than the kabuli chana. Chickpeas in India is grown on moderately heavy soil mainly in the state of Madhya Pradesh with it’s season starting mainly from the month of February. India is among the top manufacturers of Chickpeas in the world. The leading exporters and suppliers or manufacturers of chickpeas in india are mainly located in the malwa region state of Madhya Pradesh due to higher production and better quality.
India is one of the largest chickpeas producer in the world followed by Australia,Turkey, Myanmar, Mexico and Canada. The growing export trend of chickpeas in India is bound to go higher as the quality grown here is in high demand all over the world.


1. Chickpeas can be used almost in every food item.
2. It is also used along with salads and taken as healthy food item.
3. Chick peas are enjoyed as desserts or sweets when you are completed with your lunch or dinner.
4. Chickpeas can also be converted into powdered form and it can be preserved longer.
5. It is taken as essential ingredient for soups and highly popular in US region.
6. Desi chick peas are largely consumed in India and south Asia along with variety of food items.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 546 g
Serving Per Container 2
Amount Per Serving
Calories 800 Calories from Fat 440
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 49g 75%
Cholesterol 0g 0%
Sodium 1230g 51%
Total Carbohydrate 67g 22%
Dietary Fiber 18g 72%
Sugars 13g
Protein 27g
Vitamin A 40%
Vitamin C 120%
Calcium 20%
Iron 35%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Total FatLess than65g80g
Less thanSat Fat20g25g
CholesterolLess than300mg300mg
Total CarbohydrateLess than300g350g
Dietary FiberLess than25g30g


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